• "Desiree was hired because of her skills and her mindset. She is an extremely accomplished writer and has that certain something that makes her shine above the others. Desiree strives for the best and wants nothing less."

    Brett Vinovich
    Brett Vinovich American Salon / Publisher for 20 years


  • "Desiree was a pleasure to work with at American Salon magazine. She was always friendly and willing to go the extra mile to make the magazine better. I was impressed with how quickly she grasped the magazine's writing style and the various sections of the publication. Desiree is a true asset to any editorial group!"

    Corie Hengst
    Corie Hengst American Salon / Associate Editor


  • "Desiree is an invaluable and inspiring journalist. She was an incredible resource as my co-editor at Womensforum, and together we developed stronger content that increased following and readership. More importantly, she taught me unique skills in writing, editing and storytelling that have strengthened me and my work going forward. Any team, any company, any employer would massively benefit from having her as part of their creative process."

    Sharareh Drury
    Sharareh Drury / Editorial Director


  • "Her performance working as an Associate Editor for American Salon shows that she will be a valuable addition to any company. She is a talented writer, who is always willing to take on new projects, while consistently meeting her deadlines. She has such a positive, can-do attitude."

    Lisa Bruckenstein
    Lisa Bruckenstein American Salon / Digital Media Manager


  • "Desiree is so talented and really hard-working. Her sound judgement, tenacity, and affability made her the perfect addition for our team."

    Tom Gott
    Tom Gott / Producer


  • "I began working with Desiree three years ago when we were expanding our editorial team. She began as a freelance writer and always pushed herself to further develop her content. Soon, she began submitting original photos, videos and was constantly seeking more ways to be involved in the company. When an editor position opened up, she was the first person who came to mind. Desiree took on her new role and displayed great work ethic, managerial skills and creativity."

    Peri Heft
    Peri Heft / Account Manager
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