It seems like only yesterday when my husband and I left Kansas City, and drove into Chicago. It was 2010. We walked into our apartment, put down our suitcases, and called it “home.”

Four years later, we closed that same door for the last time. We left Chicago, and headed for New York City. I had just graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a creative writing degree. The only problem was, I had no plan and only some bite-size writing experiences. But I strongly believed what my heart was telling me: I needed to go, even if the reason was hidden from me at the time.

There’s been a lot of self-discovery on the streets of Manhattan these past four years. I don’t believe I could’ve learned these things anywhere else. I came to New York wanting one thing, but now I’m leaving wanting something very different.

It’s a really good story that I love to share with people over a cup of coffee.

If all this can happen in just eight years, I can’t wait for the rest of life.


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