Time is a mystery to me. Moments seem touchable, yet a considerable amount of years are now between me and them.

I remember the night I received my acceptance letter from Columbia College Chicago in my kitchen in Kansas. I remember the bus routes I took into the city – and the people I’d often share a smile. I remember walking across the stage at the Chicago theater downtown to receive my degree. The 51st floor view from my first job in Chicago. When I started dreaming about New York City and working in the journalism industry. The first time alone in Manhattan for a job interview. The newsrooms there. All the coffee I consumed and books I read on the subways from Brooklyn to Manhattan during my morning commute. Our neighbors in each apartment we lived and the sounds of the subways rumbling under the streets all night.

It’s not easy to understand how 10 years has now passed since I held that acceptance letter in my hands. But like I said, some things just remain a mystery and I really like that part of life.


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